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Name/Title Mounted Tiger head
Description This magnificent tiger was shot by Captain R. G. Hogg in 1935 in in Kumariya which is in Ranikhet, India. Despite setting out to hunt this tiger, Captain Hogg almost lost his life in the process when his first attempt at shooting it failed and the tiger turned on him…
“Suddenly, a whoof and a low snarl from behind caused me to turn about. There, thirty yards away, was the infuriated animal coming straight for me like an express train.”
Hogg succeeded in shooting the animal on his second attempt and later presented the head to the Regiment in 1961.
Theme Natural History --Zoology --Mammals
Art, Design and Textiles --Decorative Regimental Collections --Decorative Regimental Collections Cameronian (Scottish Rifles)
Accession No CAM.K358